About Keramos

The Keramos chapter at the University of Arizona is one of 11 nationally recognized chapters of the National Keramos Fraternity.  As the longest running professional fraternity still in existence starting in 1902, this professional fraternity is open to any male or female wanting to enrich their college experience.

The main function of Keramos is:

Facilitate Professionalism

The fraternity offers great opportunities for undergraduates to get involved with the department, due to low enrollment in Materials Science and Engineering. Collaboration intertwines with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering on outreach, research recruitment and a professional level.

How to Join
The fraternity requires students to pledge for a year. This pledging is not similar to usual Greek fraternities which require long useless "grunt work" tasks. Keramos tries to develop a community feeling between members by creating a fun and convivial atmosphere to help you succeed in college. If you fit in our family then at the end of the year, the pledgee is formally inducted.

Getting Involved
Getting involved is simple. If you are interested contact one of our members for more information on coming to our meetings or find a time on the calendar and come see what we are about.

Where to find us? "MSE Lounge"
Take a look at our 3-D tour! It starts in the Mines and metallurgy building room 155 (MSE Lounge). From there, look around and get a feeling for the surroundings. (F.Y.I. The door of the MSE Lounge has a key-code. If you knock on the door and ask for the code, someone will gladly give it to you.)